I worked with Ashley for both of my dogs Kiiya and Mowglii. Mowglii being is a high energy Dalmatian, and Kiiya was a stray dog I found a couple months ago. Neither one was not well behaved, but I needed to do the training for the safety of both of them. I was nervous with the training that they would turn into robots or lose their personality. This was wrong, if anything the training has given both of them confidence. This has allowed them to have more freedom and has allowed for all of us to trust one another. The mental stimulation of the training and commands tires out Mowglii. Also, both of them are working dog breeds, so the commands have given them jobs to do. Ashley was wonderful and worked great with both Kiiya and Mowglii who are two very different dogs.  She was so sweet, understanding, and flexible, and had great solutions and advice to give me each week.

Tori Hammers,