Ashley, with Columbia Dog Wizard, is truly a miracle worker!  Our puppy, Lulu, was completely out of control! Everything bad a dog could do....she did it, jumping, barking, chewing, scratching, running away, destroying everything, (wood trim, plants, shoes, toys) etc, etc.  I was out of options with her until I found Columbia Dog Wizard. I met with Sam initially (while Lulu jumped all over him) and laughed as he told me they could absolutely train Lulu...I was certain she would be their first failure!  Sam and I decided we would have Ashley train Lulu since Lulu would not listen to females at all.  After two weeks of living and training with Ashley we have a brand new dog.  Lulu is calm, pleasant, and completely obedient. It is truly unbelievable that this is the same dog.  I took Lulu for a walk for the first time, EVER, and she was amazing!

Susie Sommers,