Our dog Daisy recently completed the board and train program. My husband was skeptical at first about making such a large investment in our dog. Now he is a true believer.  I knew that her inability to be calm around other dogs and be reliable off leash was impacting our quality of life, I specifically sought out a trainer that was experienced in not only helping our dog become more obedient but more social as well.  We loved getting pictures and video of Daisy playing nicely with other dogs on just the second day of training! Now that she is home, our walks are more enjoyable. We can easily channel her energy when she is fearful of other dogs rather than dealing with doggy meltdowns. We have a ways to go in our work to make sure the training sticks, but Sam is always there with supportive group classes and check ins. I talk all the time about how she is turned into the dream dog I always knew she could be. I recommend Sam without reservations. Daisy loves Sam, and so do we.

Elizabeth Cornish,