I want to say how amazing the Dog Wizard of Columbia is. This spring, Sam (their head trainer) came to help us out with our new rescue in obedience training. Given our dog’s age and breed, we opted for the Freedom Program, which includes one-on-one lessons. I cannot express how incredible the results were. Within weeks, our little guy was sitting, staying, and heeling like a champ. Each session focuses on a different command, and by the end of it our dog knew that command back and forth. Then it was just up to us to maintain the training between sessions. What’s more, the training process has really bonded him to us—very loving, very aware, and amazing. The best part, though, is the peace of mind. With the package we chose, anytime our dog needs a brush-up lesson or we have a question, we just put a call in to the Dog Wizard. Lorrayne (their scheduling manager) works around our schedule, and then Sam meets us locally. We couldn’t ask for more.

Amy Ciesielski,