Columbia Dog Wizard took excellent, loving care of my dog, Max.  He learned an awful lot and he is happy and great.  They kept in touch with me and eased my fears!

Holly Saleeby Atkins,

I'm not sure how to express just how amazed and impressed my husband and I are with Sam and Columbia Dog Wizard.  He took our two sweet crazy dogs and brought home two intelligent and hardworking dogs who wanted to earn our praise for good work.  We paid for both girls to do the residential program with Sam and have zero regrets - it was a totally worthwhile investment in our family.  From the moment we met Sam and Cash for the evaluation, we knew without hesitation that we could trust him with our most precious girls.  He answered all of our questions, handled every panicky mom text :), and kept us totally informed on the girls' progress.  If you're even doing the most basic research and looking for options, take the time to meet Sam and his crew - you will not regret it.  We recommend Sam without hesitation.

Jennifer Hollingsworth,

Five stars for Sam – no question about it.My wife and I have two dogs, one of which is a 6 years old lab mix named Boston weighing 50 lbs.  I adopted Boston when he was about 12 weeks old and he immediately took to me but I soon realized that new strangers terrified him.  He would run and hide behind the couch when anyone new would be around.  Over the years his fear only seemed to get worse and he became somewhat aggressive—to the point where he would run up behind people and nip at their heels and legs when visitors were in our house.  Our solution (admittedly probably making it worse by not socializing him) was to put him away in the bedroom whenever guests were in the house.  We didn’t feel that we could trust him to be around anyone for fear that he would become more aggressive and bite someone causing more serious damage.  The lack of socialization made it hard to go on walks in public because seeing other dogs brought on a ton of excitement, barking, leash pulling, etc ...

Justin Zacharias,

WOW! WOW! WOW!  It is hard to come up with words to describe how pleased we are with the Columbia Dog Wizard!!!!   Sam is an absolute joy to interact with and his concern for training our dog has been amazing!!  We gave Sam a dog that thought the world was her playground and was completely out of control.  We got back our same fun-loving dog, but now with manners.  After the training, she can come with us to cafes, farmer's markets, and friend's houses.  Before the training, that would have never been possible.  Sam did an AMAZING job of training her!!!!!  I give Sam and this service the highest recommendation possible.  It was worth every penny and I am so thankful that we did it.

Christine Corbly,