Dog Obedience Training

Group Training for Dog ObedienceObedience will be a fun and challenging task for your canine companion, but they will love learning it. This training provides the mental stimulation, which is the key to your dog’s mental stability. It is very important that obedience NOT change your dog’s personality – if anything, it should help showcase it. Obedience is one of the most important ingredients for helping you dog live a happy life. It creates a “language” for you and your dog to communicate through with commands like Place, Heel, Sit, Come, and Down. All of our obedience programs are designed to help your dog achieve full off-leash reliability. It is important that he understands these words are mandatory and not optional. Once he masters this, your dog will gain a lot more freedom. The KEY with any obedience program is that your dog will obey the commands even around lots of distractions, like strangers and other dogs. If not, the commands will be of little use to you. If you can trust your dog to “Come” every time you tell him to, he will be allowed to go more places, spend more time off-leash, and run and play the way dogs are meant to do! Dogs are not supposed to be confined all day. They crave the freedom to explore and the only way your dog will be allowed this freedom is if they are reliable off-leash. Obedience is also great for abused or nervous dogs – the self-confidence that it will instill in them will be PRICELESS. Other things that obedience will give your companion: a lot of mental stimulation, socialization, a bonding experience, and many other learning opportunities.

We can teach our obedience programs at your place or ours.

Training at Your Place

We can work on training at your house for almost every lesson. We do prefer to have a few lessons toward the end of the process in a really distracting place, like a park or shopping center, to practice the commands. All of our obedience programs include unlimited group lessons once you have completed your in-home training program. You are also provided with unlimited private lessons until we satisfy our goals.

Training at Our Place

This training program is like summer camp for your canine! You get the same results as a boot camp, but they will be having tons of fun in the process. Your dog will come stay with us for two weeks and learn the language of obedience. When we bring him home, we will then teach you to speak this “language” with him. Don’t be concerned that you are not going through the “bonding” experience of the teaching process – you will get plenty of bonding time when you practice this new language in all the new places you will go with your obedient canine. It works just as well as doing the training in your home but it is faster and you will be able to start using the techniques right away. You will also get unlimited follow up lessons with your trainer until you gain complete confidence in the commands. The fourteen days of training that your dog spends with us will be determined by his own issues, but the majority of dogs will do the following: learn all the obedience commands (achieving off-leash reliability), experiment on the agility equipment, go out to different parks and shopping centers, and get a TON of playtime with other dogs.

Group Obedience Lessons

Group lessons are included as part of all of our obedience programs. We like to start with one-on-one lessons. When your dog has mastered those distractions, you can start coming to group class, which we like to call, “Distraction City”. You are welcome to come to as many group lessons as you’d like for the rest of your dog’s happy life! These classes provide some very distracting places to practice your commands and also provide continuing education. We hold our group classes every Saturday at Finlay Park, but not a bad idea to check the calendar for changes.

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